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The Praélice of Pie u. '.PLAINE DESCRIPTION of the Eí%nce and Attri- butes of God , out of the holy Scripture, fo farre forth as query Chriírian mull compe- tently know, and necef íarily beleeu.e,that will be faun d. /. Lthough no creature can what aPfa°i.; define % God is, becaufe bee `I`Âtn.5°16. b iscu.x q.8e is a incomprehenf ble, ,, ; 3J. and b dwelling in inacceffible '04''' 64 lao-ht : vet it bath pleafed bis 7:'a,`4`1.,, , , Ì'aief%, to reueale himfelfe in CQc°#3 4, his word vnto v::,fo farre as our W:.6 ,;,6. weake capacity can bell conceiue 'Má,xv . him. Thus God is that one cprimall and G " infinitely