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The Prattice of .Piety. e infinitely fper f fl g ef fence,whofe e 1 King.S. being h of himf if eternaly. 17° In the Diuine Effence,wcare Pfal.47.5. fDeu.3z.4. to confider 2. things: Firí }, the Exo.3.t4. dicers manner of being therein: hi Cer.L.6. fecondly, the Attributes therof 1164.17,2.5. The diuers manner of being mng,6. g i eb.i.3. therein,are called ' ¶erlOns. k Ioh.r.t. A. (Perfon is a difina fub tance and s3 1,37 ofthel Godhead I and 14.1o. There are m three Diuine Per- ! Coi.z.. »mGen...6 Fons, the Father;- the Sonne, and 3,y &ai,7. the Holy Ghoff : Thefé three Exod.zos. Perfors are not three fe'ierall Ho ßt4,7. fxb.!ances, but three difiina 1fa 6h3 °),io° Zac.3.z. fubfiflences; or three diúers man- ner of being çif .n one and the i toh.. fa»se faubflance sand Diuine 8f_ Mar.3.i6,17 fence. So that a Perfore in the 8'18,19. 6. Godhead , is an indiuiduall vn` sCot4t .1 . der¡landing,and incommunicable x Jinppia (3 t sñ Swáfiflence, liuing of it feife, and i j , ,&fi' la in a n+nbH., not fiifiained by another, saki 4y lathe vnity of the Godhead, Trt,1itj,;:. vta. Gtnat.B.bGj. there-is a o plurality , which is not accidentall, (for God is a' mot pitre aa; and admits no ac- B 3 cidents:)