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y 6 ( The ¶PraFtice o f Piety. Perrone di>4initatis di(iinguiatur per, forsaliter, fiur etarCOMJ ilr4piwt Q Deus e(}in- diuifè,vnws in frir.itate, ter inconfisfé trim in v- nitrite, Iul}in. in iz9rdt. p Mar.2.T.2 and 3.17. a.03.1 6. Eph ,3IOf cidents :) nor effentiall r (for God is one Eleñce onely) but * perfonai& The perfons in this one E f fence are but three. In this o Myf Brie there is alias dius,another & another: but not alüsd & alivd, another thing &another thing: Ì The Divine E f fence in it felfe, is neither divided nor dif ingui- fhed. But the three merfons in the bruin E f fence are diffin, guifhed among rhernflhies three manner of wayes. T. By their Names. 2, By their Order. 3, Bytheir 4E ions. I. By their mimes thus; He firfl Pert n is named the "T"f ather;firft,in refpcet ofhis p rärtturail Sonne Chr /: fecund ly, in refpea of the EIcEE, his q adoptedfonS,that is,thofe who being not his foes by Nature, are