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The Practice of `Piety. are made his fonnes by Grace. The fecond Perfon is named the w Sanne, becaufe he is n be- gotten of his o Fathersfsbftance or natures and hee is called the Word: i becaufe the p concep- tion of a Word in mans minde,is the neereft thing , that in force fort can fhadow unto vs the ma- ner, how he is eternally begotten of his Fathers ibft.Ince s and in this re(ped he is alfo call 'd the wifdome of hi Father Prom. R . z 2. Secondly, becaufe that by q him, the Father haute from the beginning declared his will for our faluation: hence called 7,.;91. quafi >tó2tvtt, the Perfoas (peaking with or by the Father. Third - Iy,becaufe he is the r chiefe argu- meant of all the Word of God; or that word, whereof God fpake, when lace promifed the blefed Seede to the Father., under the old Tei}am°nt. The third Terrn is named the f ho) Ghoff : firi }, becaufe bee is B 4 tip- In Prou.3o4 nPCa1s.7. oHeb.Y. 3. Phil. 2. B. p Bafl,up.1 lokan. Suif nuns togitarrm do in /cipfarn reflelfitar, QT' %.yor inter- numgignitoit mou ilia a- terna, quit e Deus f'ater sta fetpfam Intel. ligando reflex,: iTìyor aternurn modo ineffa- bili :omit Et fcz;t exterior 3.6yof, óye i7rterior{e efi- die: quap eff'' ita ate.nus ills ñÓ3,oc Lllo- ÇteTlx;f atrrni Patti: imago eR, maieflatis character, Beb.y.3, g lob, I.}S. dten.l.4.e.t.. r Aft.zo.410 Heb. Luke 24,37 Ioh. Y..}Y. t3c,Rs;,zs, z3,ls. fita.63.IO. s Cor.a;.a;