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8 e t:Ioh,4.4 t.Cor;;.t'. 61i,111 ;Rat- s ia itt diui»ie sulk rRt er1- o perfiaarum Íocius baba is Ìio,et ¡prism Owls. Pst., mire pi.. %tO,NN! tt7Ri pera,fed erdi aa, Abed, 1Vlafat 8. tg. I.Ioh. i.'. C Ideo dtanw Pota. drat, symorriP The Praftáce of Piety, r fpiritteall without a body : fe- condly,becaufe hee is fpired, and as it were breathed from both the _u Father and the Swine, that is, proceedcth from them both. And he is called holy, both be- calife he is X holy in his owne na. tare, and alto the immediate y fanttifier of all GODS Elctt people. a. 71y thü Order. nun '.H E Perfan.r of the God - head are either the Father, ar thofe which are of the Fa- ther. The Father is the a firff perfon in the glorious Trinity, b hauing neither his being! , nor beginning ofany other,but of himfelfe ;be- getting his Sonne, and together with his Sonne, fending firth the holy Ghofi from euerlafiing.The prions which are of the Father, are ehofe,who in refpe& of their perfonall exfence,haue the whole Diuine