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The Praffice of Piety. Tinine E fence, eternally cony mnnicated vnto them from the Father. And thofe are either from the Father alone , as. the Sonne, or from the-Father and the Sonneras the holy Gheft. Thz Sonne is the fecund Ter fon of the glorious Trinity , and the one y begotten Sonne of his Father , not by Grace , but by ;xi ®B9 naturehauing his b being of the 9uuadfsnti4 abfvlutaes Father alone,'and the whole being. s qui of his Father, by an eternal and a af a f r incomprehenible- generation á d ration, s & with the- Fathee,tendAll forth e " .v tes,. the holy Ghos!. In refper4 of his 7cssffsplP. abfoltate E fence, he is of himfelfe foaalu pst a- wawa gsnt. butin refpef4 of his Perron, hen ration a pad is,byan eternallgeneration,of his id. ` .' er ldsoq ;AVa Father. For the E f once Cloth not ief ,)-0-0c. beget an E fence, per¡on ofRhe Reber begetteth the per- ioty.á.38,?,; I011.5.19. fon ;)fth SO4 and toheisGod ..lti,r{si É t habe,sEontiamdlinaqsafsipfa: haSssefr. l)ts. a ydi+iinam a fipfa sxidentsm :rssota ninsssiatiaas ad Tatrs ms of G02, and bath from his Fa, at , 3eù. rota *sflat Effsutia, qua cf} a f tPfai hinc filiau dictturprit,cipixs- tat,ns+nsflsntr4tw.",,i.ì3 B. S the,'