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The Pratlice of Piety, ts fión, according to his 0 natnrall being: yet becaufe it bath com- municated veto it the perfonall Snbfifence of the Sonne of God, which is infinite , and without limit etion;and is fo vnited with God, that it is no where feuered from God, the body of Chrift, in refpeft of his p perfonall being, may rightly be laid to bee emery where. 3.7he Actions by which the three perfonr be dtinguífhed He anions are of two forts; 1 either Extern. ll,refpeiing the creatures;and thofe are after a fort common to emery one of the three 'Perfons : or internafl, ärefpe &iny the Perforts only a- ,mo gíf themfelues.and are alto- gether incommunicable. The Externall and communi- cable Ations of the three Per - feni arc thefe: The creation of the world pe- o Secundum eßé maturale Cbriftus non efi vbique. p Secundum efe perf rlale Chriftus eft vbique. f rirato ordi- ne perfoua- nrarn in ope- cuiiarly 1 rando. m operi roua ad extra tres 'y perfore ope rantur finiul {