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The Pratlice ofl9iety. ) 21 out all beginning and end, -all other beings both begin and end, 442.8. Pfal 83 i 8. God tels Mofes,exo.6.4. that hee Iva not knowne to Abraham, Ifaac and Iacob,by bid name Ieho- uah. (Not but that they knew this to be the name of God: for they vfed it in all their Prayers) but becaufe they hued not to fee G O D effeaing indeed , that which he prom? f d them; in gra- ciouily deliuering their feede out t.of Egypt,and in gluing them the real/ ó ó1f Camas Land; and fo to be not only God Al- mighty,by whom al things were made.; but alfo perfirming in- deed to the children, that which he promifed in his Word to the Fathers, which this name Ieho- uah efpecially fignifieth. And for this caufe, Mofes cals God firf zi Iehomah,when the vninerfal creation had his abfolute being , Gen, 2, 4. And this admirable name is graué on the Decalogues forehead, Locus Exod. 6.3. intelli- gendus of degradibua diuinaruns patefaliio- num,Ger. . lac. z. de Nat.Dei. Exvfaferip tune res tune dicun- tur fieri, quandof- unt manife_ Rye: Sic dici- tur, Spiritus Sancius nor- dans Brat, id ^fi,nondum innotuerat,' Alfed. Lex. Theo!. cap. I