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22 The `Prailice of `Piety. .Qt od licet cribere, efari cur nor, licereí? Theod.ïn Epic. Fns eterni2 Fond eft /mom h'`írar forheád,which was pronounced vpon the Ifraeliter deliuerance to be the Role of RighteorufneJJ'e;. after which, they fhould ferue their Deliuerer in the promifed Land. This Name is fo full of Diuine Myfteries, that the Lewes hold it a fin to pronounced; but if it be no fin to write it,why íhould it be vnlawfull to pronounce it? This Holy Name of God tea - cheth vs: Firff, what ; God is in him - felfe,nam:ely,i n; eternd being o himfili. Secondly, how bee is vnto others, becaufe that from him all other: Creatures haue receiued their being. Thirdly, that we may confi- dently beleeue his promifes:for he is named IEHOV AH,notonly in refped- of being,and caufed all things to bee; but efpecially in 7íz pro,rn.L refpect of his gr atous. prom ties , on:bua which without faile he wit fulfil xabeFi'. in