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The PraElice of Piety. 23 in his appointed time, & fo can - feth that to be , which was not before. And fo this name is a goldepledge vnto vs,that becaufe he bath promifid, he will furety vpon a our repentance forgiue vs all our fins; at the time of death, b receiue our Soule.r; and in the refurreílion c raife vp our Bodies in glory to life euerlafiing. The fecond name denoting Gods efïènce,is ehieth;but once read, Ex, 3. t 4. of the fame root that JE HOV Ax: and fìgnifieth,I AM or Ivv I EL BE° for when Mofes asked God by what name he fhould call him,God then na- med himfelfe, Eheieb Afcher. Ehieb; I am that I am : or Iwill be that I will be: fignifying, that he is an eternall , vnchangeable Being : For feeing euery crea- ture is temporary and muta- ble; no creature can fay Ero qui ero: I will be that I will be. This name in the new Teffament is giuen to our Lord Chr, when he alfa.SS7 b Ioh.t I.16. Ioh.r4.z,3. cicb6.4os Ioh.i i.S.