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2 ¢ The `l'natlice of `?'ietr® r ó ÿraaed® ;w *ml ó hpxbµqaot =neaw ./E eaafa meta. rua' & Es, 'when. \,..' Pfa1.68.t9. pfal. iot, iS. PGto6 t, 4g. Pfal.utt,&c. Pfaal+.t, eta. Pfa1.u;.a,9. PG ns,,', t8 Pfs.u6.i9. Pfzl.tta. f, 14. PfaLtsf34 hee is called alpha ,asd Omega, The beginning , and the ending, r whech tü, which was, andwhich if to come, The Almighty, .poc. T. a 8. For all time páß and to come,is aye prefent before God. And to this name , Chrii hiltl felfe alludeth, Ioh. 8.58. Be fire Abraham was,I A M. This name lhould teach vs likewife to haue alwaits pre - lent in our minds our firit crea- tion,prefent corruption, & future Glorification : and not content our felues with I was good,or I will be good , but to bee good prefently; that when euer -God fends for vs, bee may finde vs prepared for him. The third name is Iah,which as it comes of the fame roote,fo it is the contras of Iehosiah, and fignifieth Lord,becaufe he is the * beginning and Being ofbeings. Itis a * name for the moil parr, afcribed vnto God, when -force notable deliverance or benefit comes