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The PrdliceoF Piety. 25 comes to paffe according to his former promife and therefore all creatures in heauen and earth are commanded to celebrate and praife Godin this name 1 h. The fourth is KÚeec, Lord , vfed often in the New Tefta- ment : för ßc4., or Kur" fignifi- eth, ram. Hence K4Poc fignifieth the firft Effence of a thing, or authoritie. When it is abfolute ly given to God , it anfwereth to the Hebrew name I E H o V A Hand is fo tranflated by the feuentie Interpreters for God is fo a Lod, that he is of a bim- felf, And Lord of all. This natte íhould alwayes put vs in re- membrance to b obey his corn- mandements , and to feare 1 s iudgements , and fubmit our felues to his bleffed will and pleaíure, faying with Eli, It is the Lord Jet him do what feemeth him good, t Sam.3 . i 8. The fifth is 9"c) God, 600. times vied in the New Teíta- C ment: I.tiniOtiM Eirooùcv.