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6 The PraUice of Piet. ment : and prophane Writers e Plato in commonly. It is deriued c ánó Cratyla.Hiore 17 gjy becaufe hee runnes tho- illud y7 !1. row, and compafï-eth all things, Deana main- due ire per or *rc''r c suet,, which fignifieth emits terra": to borne and kindle : for God is gtse trabuf- Light, and the Author both of' qua marie. Heate, d Light and Lift , in all fd nchias Creatures , either immediately lax. ofhimfelfe, or mediately by fe- Art;c',nos. condary caufes. The name is v- fed either improper y,or properly. Improperly, when it is giuen ei- 3. ther fguratiue y to Magifirates, c Cor.2.5. or falfèly to Idols. But when it is properly and abfolutely taken, it fignifieth the Eternal' *nee of God, being aboue all things, and through all things : giuing life and light to all creatures, e rnr and refcruin and oucrnin r.ebu nsce- p g g g :as recta vc- them,in their wonderfull frame men* : cum amnia'ue and order; e God f eth all in all facima,, facto plcrces : Let vs therefore euery first carats,) air, rbd ;cù where take heede what we doe cuncta vi- in his fight. áenrtr, Boc- taus. g.. Thus farra the names which fgni fie