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The 'Prratlice of `Piet), 27 tgni fa e Gods 8 fence.. The name which fignifieth the Perlin:: in the E f fence, is chiefely one,elohim. elohim fignifieth the ?nightie tPormn El.. hin, .fi prr- Iudges: It is a name of the plu- f.,,u,,, rall number, to expre(Te the Tri- pity of Perlons in V nitie of El- fence. And to this purpofe the his de Holy Gho beginneth the Pt: ``" y ./i g Holy TKr.,s x.d.. Bible with this plurall name of chieidferwm .J! peprerEf- God, ioyned with a Verbe of fsar : unira. the fingular number as elohtrn uhn. Iimius. Bara, Did E-reauit, The nightie 9 hn Gods , or all the three Perf ns in read., the God -headcreated, The /ewes' Dept' °4 allo note in the Verbe Nlz Bara, iOm's -'9 c&nfif}ing of three Letters, the myfterie of the Trinitie. By Beth,Ben,the Sonne by z ReA Ruah,the Spirit: by ¿lleph,ab, the Father. But this holy My- iery is more cleerely taught by Mofs,Gen,3.2 "2,. And I E H O- V A H elohim f ?id; Behold, the Man is become as one of vs. And, Gen. I9. 24. IE HOVAH rained C upon