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28 j The `PraEice of Piety. tc Sic Marcus Arethufcut in SiAfr70iesf Cowl lie fiMCt. tzpofuie, S. cr.t,Eccr.. liife,l,3,c,3O. This piace wedi urged, had grinded .,/ria in áiccer t vpon Sodom and vpon Gomorrah, hrinsflone and fire from Ieho- uah out of Heaton k that is , God the Sonne , from God the Father., who bath committed all iudgement unto the Sonne, Ioh. j . 22. See Pfal. 3 3,6. Ifa.63,9,1 o. The fingular number of Elohim is Eloah, deriued of A/ah , hee fware; becaufe that in all waigh- tie caufes , when necef itie re- quireth an oath to decide the truth, we are only to fweare by the Name of God,which is the great and righteous Iudge of I4eauen and Earth. This Name Eloah is but fel- dome vfed, as Abak. 3.3 . Tob 4 9. and 12.4. and 15.2. 36. 2. `Pf;Sitta e 18.3 2. l'falme 1 14.7. Once it bath a Noune plurali ioyned to it , lob 35. 0. None faith, Where is Eloab Gofai, the eAlmighty my Maker, to note the rrmyítery of the eternallTri- nity. Many times alío Elohim, the plurali number, is ioyned with j