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The Pr.afiice of `Piety. 24 " with a verbe plurali, to expreffe mote emnhattically this Myfe- ry, Gen. 35.7. 2 Sam. 7. 23. * Iofh. 24.19. Ier. i o:io. Elohin' is alto fometinie Tropically gi- uen to Magifrates, becaufe they are Gods Vicegerents , äs to Mo/es,EXOd.7.I. I E H OV A H Paid vnto Mors, I bane made the Elohim to Pharaoh,that is,T haue appoineed thee an Emba{fador to reprefent the perfon of the true Three one God and to de- liuer this meffage and will vnto Pharaoh. As oft therefore as we reade , or heare this name Elohim,it would put vs in mind to confider, that in one diuine efence there are three difinc4 Perfons, and that God id I E x o- v A H elohi ri. Flohim Kt dof'cbimHu D=i f'ani3i ¡Pfc.