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The Prathice of Piety. Now follow the Ne me r which fig.._ nifie Godi Efentiall vorkef, which are thel fisc e.ecially. LHence Eli in Hebrew, L, which is as much as the as 2 o, ffrong God, band teacheth 4tí.an in the Svri- vs , that God is not onely mof acke,as Mar. 5.31, dosa Prong, and fortitude it felfe, in fignifie,ruy his owne Effmce : but alto that God. 2 Cfiro3i.8. it is he , that giueth all frength # The ya and power to all other Crea- turne it treaT wr<p; tares. Therefore Chrif is call It is deri. led' Efty, 6.9._ 61 Gib6or, The wed of Das,fuf ci- ftr'ong,most nightie God. Let not encie,& the Gods children feare the power Relatiue, Ito p the fame of enemies , for E/ our God is that &Ina: air or of Shad, more Prong than they. a Dogge e, 2.. Shaddai, * that is, Omn .- feeder potent. By this name, God vfu- ally filed himfelfe to the Patri arches , /4m E1 Shaddai, The flrang God, Almightie. Becaufe hee is .perfectly able to defend his feruants from all euill : to bleffe them with all fpirituall and his children with fufl5ci ency of all graeè as the lowing mo- ther, the childe,with she milke of her brefls.