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The PraFfice of `Piety. 3T and temporali blcí ì,vs, an- to performe all his promifes which he hath made veto them for this life, and that which is to come. This name belongeth only to the God -head, and to no Creature, no , not the hn- manitie of Çhriîi. This may b A name teach vs , with the Patriarchs, compounded to put our whole confidence in God, and not to doubt of the true performance of his pro- mifes. 3., b Adonai, my Lord; This name, as the Maforets note, is found 134. times in the Old Teíhament. Analogically it is giuen'to creatures, but properly it belongeth' to God alone. It is vied, Malac. t. 6. in the plurall number, to note the my- ferie of the holyrrinitie. If I bee cAdonim, Lord, where is my fare ? Adonai the fingular, 4 donim the plurali number. This name is giuen to Chrif1, Dan.9, , 117. Cagle thy face to fhine vpon C 4 thy O« 1i, My, .ildon, Lord, Adon deti.. uatur ab E. den, bafir, gum Denk fa» damentwa er /affetrtoter cranium Crea. :aversion ,Hinc Adon,Domi, moo, cui rei domeica CN. re incumbir, & ei ta,ujaam colurnaa in_ nrtitNr, áan- do de ereatN- rir vfurpatur Adonai, eft Iod cum pa- tech fed de Creatore Ctr cametz. Ab Ad nasi ma. nap ®idnur Etknicor Ø. Anva.