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The Frailties of Piety. thy Santuary that is defolate , fir . 4donai (the Lord Chrß)hi fake. The hearing of this holy name , may teach eueryman to obey Gods Commandements, to feare him alone , to fuffer none befides him to raigne in his confcience,to lay hold, (by a particular hand of faith), vpon his Word and promife , and to challenge God in Chrift to bee his God, that heemay fay with 7bon at , Thou art my Lord and my God. 4. Is Helier: : that is , naof High, Pfalme 9.2. Pfalme 91 .1. and 92. 9. Dan. 4. I 7, z4, 2 5, 34. REh 7.47. This name Ga- briel giueth vnto God.; telling the Virgin Mary , that the child which íhould be home of her, Lhould be the Sonne of the i,èr moll High, Luke 1.32. This so the diutn teacheth , that God in. his Ef a;ica chria fence and glory exceedeth infi the Some of g , The ' nitely all Creatures in Heauen ThOft HIgh, and Earth. Secondly, that no Lug. Y. sa. man