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The Praclice of Piety. man íhould bee proud of any earthly honour or greatneffe. * For what * Thirdly,if wee deît "re true dig- is earthly nity,to labour to have comma greatler:' cojnpred t0 nion with G O D in grace and Gods High- glory neu e 3. Abba, a Syriacke name,. fignifying Father, Rom. 8. 15. This is fometimes vied efenti- allyas in thelords Prayer. Se- condly, Terfonally, as Math.rt. 25. For God is Chrif }s Father by nature , and Chriflianrby a- doption and grace. Chrif is called the ewerlafling Father Ifa. 9.6.. becaufe he regenerates vs vnder the new Teframent. God is alto called a the Father of a rIar t light, Jam. T . I.7. becaufe God d 94zzm4 dwelleth in inacce.i'lible light, a cfe I Tïm. 6.16. and . is the Au- fh a light of thor , not onely of the Stinnes the Sun is light,.. but alto of all the light, buta 1'a- both of naturail reafon, and fu dow` p3rnarurall grace, Which ligh- b Iohot.9r tenth 'eatery man that commeth in. ta» the. World. This name C 5 . teach 33