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The Pr t lice (Piety. ) 39, ` ecaufe onel his Li differs I An d y b fP not from his h e f fence,therefore h thHat aence God it is s God is faidonely to haue immor- is called of talitie, i Tim 6.16. the e, brews _Dole, ro 1 ilt- z. The V nder. andinp , or wire Ecbu e: Knowledge of G O D , is that , a of the whereby (by one pure .eAc7) be ; d, ro alto moll perfe&ly i knoweth in i° o and ac ofthe La= himfelfe all things that euer f tines,primum, were, eire or (hall bee . yea, the en!' ró114 > > > prime awns thoughts and imaginations of for to be,and mens hearts. to tea t: l one and the This Knowledge of God is came in God eyther generall, by which Gocl 11 "''$ 39 Pf2i.44.12. knoweth firnply all things eter- Kato 39.1, nally, the good by himfelfe, the &c. end/ by the good oppofite to it; Ier.i7,to, impofing to things contingent, L k ió.zs the lot .of contingencie, and to . things nece fr rse, the Law of ne- Heb.4. t 2, ceffitie : And thus knowing all; things in, and of himfelfe, Ire is and 16.17. the caufe of all the knowledge that is in all. both Men and din- gels.- Secondly,ffrecieiui,called the knowledge of eflpprobation; by which bee particularly knozreth, and.