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53 trosbiet whlt foetter. The ignorance of this true knowled,oe. of God, makes ma- ¡my to matte- an Idoll of the true Gad,' and is the oncly caure,why Co many doe profcfre all other parts of Gods warthip and re- `t, yith to much trregerelce and hypocrijia. Whereas if-they dí4 truciy kcow God,they duitt not but comet° his holy feruice; and comming feare him- with feare and rertereece : for fo' farre cloth a man feare God, 23 14QC knOWCth 111111 ; and thendoth a man tritely kyow God , when he ioines pretatccto frectilation: And that is, Firtii-mlien a man cloth fo ac- knowledge and celebrate Gods Afai:fly as bee bath re:waled hirrifel,e in his Word. Secondsly , when from the true.end Iluely fenft of Gods t/ttribetes there is bred in a mans heart a lotte,Arve, and confi- dence in God : for , faith God D ; him-