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54 The Pra(fiee of Piety. hiinfelre ; If 1 be a,fi¢tber, where is my hsrostr ? If I be a Lord, whirrs is my feare ? O to and fie , that the Lon' is good I faith Pallid. lice that bath not by experieece tailed ills geoddcffe, 1enowes not hairscod he is, ¿f ( faith Iohn) that faith be k ow- eth Gad and etb not his commandments , is a 5er and the trrith is not in him. $o forte therefore as weg imitate Gad in his Goa.lrrefc Lose, Irffice, Mercy, Prttience ,. anti other At tributes, feBarre doe we know Nhim. Thirdly, when v ith inward groanes,and the îerious defiles of our hearts, we lone to attaine to the perfea and plenary know - ledge of his Maiefiy , in the life which is to come. LaRly , this difcouers how few there are , who doe truly 1001,0 Ged; for no man knoweth. God but lee that laaeth him,, and how can a rnaa choofe but loge