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the PraEltce of Piety. kite him, belting the Sosserasgrse ;o'd, if he knew him? Seeing the ?swore of God is to enamour' men with the brie of his goati- newJe; and whofoeuer loueth any thing more t `yen God , is not worthy of Gad; aid inch is eucry one , who fettles the loue and ref# of his heart ypon any thing defìdes rod. If therefore thou doefl beleeue that God is Al-. mighty , why doed thou feare ¶essìls and enemies , and not confidently trssfl in God , and true his help in all thy troubles and.dangers? If thou belee.eftt° that God is inrn<ite , how dared thou prouoke him to anger ? If thou beleeuetl that God is fm- ple , with what heart can( cJ how d;rcmóle and play the hypocrite ? if thou beieeuetl that God is the Ssueraigne good , why is not thy heart c i re fettled upon him, then en all Worldly ? if thou doeft indeed beleeue that God cs 44' beige, how dared D4 thou 1