Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

II7 The Pragice of Piety. thou no fooìer begana to hauef a.little lrength and difçretion D but forthwith thou waft: kept vnder the rod , and f'eare of Pa- rents and Maflers : as if thou I had(} b, -cne borne to line vnder 1 the difciplrne of others, rather i then at the 1i; .9fition. of thine, will. No tyr ed horfe was e- i uer more willing co be rid of his á burthen , then thou wail to get out of the feruile eetate of t.-,is bondage. A (}ate not worthy the defcriptioct.. 3. illedit4tioass of the m':f ries of Mu hood. V\THat is mans (lae, but a Sara, whcreim ( as wanes ) one trouble arifeth in the nfecke of mother; the latter worfe then the former ? No soo- ner diddea thou enter into the affaires of this world , .but.thou wail inwrapped about with a clotad of rzif ries. Thy, EW pro -. uokes