Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The Pra.flite of Fisty. uokes thee to 101q, tie World allures thee to pleafures, and the Dereill tempts thee to all kind of fines ; feares of e:sena.ies affright thee, fats In Law doe vexe thee, wrorags of ill neighbours doe op- preffe thee , cares for wife and children doe oonfume thee, anddifgaetteffc twixt open fors and falfe friends,doe in a manner cotifound tree : Sians flings thee tatissn. Satax ¡aye Glares before thee._ Coofcience of Ganes pad doggeth behinde thee. Now Kd se,rfity on the left hand frees thee , anon proffiàrisy on thy right hand flatters thee : oser thy head. Gods- vengeance due to thy fin is ready to fall vpon thee : and vnder thy feete , Hell moasth. is ready to fwallow thee vp. And in this wifèralle elate whither wilt thou goe for ref} and comfort ? the houle is full of cares , the field full of tosle.; the Count rey of ratdenefe , t he City .of f;aiions; the Court of Enas e, the