Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

66 7 be Pre ice of Piety. the Cbtoch ofSecs , the Sea of 'Brats , the Land of Robbers. Orin what _fate wilt thou hue, feeirag wealth is enuied , and po- saerty contemned ; wit is di- f}raaed , and fimp!tcity7 is deri- ded ? S perf%itran is mocked,and Religion is Pulpe &ed ; Vice is aduanced, and vertoie is c1 Igra- csd.Adh with what a body of fai art thou compaffed about in a World of wicke see-? what are thine Eyes , but bYandowas to be- hold vanities ? What Are thine Eares , but flood-gates , to let in the 1'rearnes of iniquity ? What are thy Senfes but matches to glue fire to thy huffs? What is thine .Hurt, but the e4nstill, whereon Satan hsth forged the ougly fhape ofail lewd aire &i. ens ? Art thou nobly de %ended ?, } thou muff put thy felfe in 'peril of forraine waarres , to get the reputation of earthly honour .; if ti.rnes hazard thy life in a defpe- I rate combate , to auor'd the of perfion