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72 f Toll, 8. 14. g Gs.n.6.6. b Nut, z7. z6. Pfa.i19:r. { ito.z.t,;. Ier.13.r3. klfa.18 13. /Gen 3S. ! 2o.&4.T,}. Heb.t.z. m Rem. nF4h..K 2 The praeiice of Piety. f Deuil ?, fo far as it once g repen- ted the Lord, that ewer &Is mad(' From the former flow-es the other part of the Soules rni ferle, called h cstrfedneffr , whereof there are two dcgreas. I. In part. 2. In frulnes thereof. i. Ctz rfedves in part is that, NA Welt is inflicted vpon the Socle in life and dodu , and is common to her with the body. The cur jednes of the foule in life, is the wrath of Cod , which lyeth vpon fuck a creature , fo farre, as thpt all things,not onely calamities , but alfo vety i blef- tiny and kgraces turne to ruine. 1 Terrain. of Confcierce him from God and his fcruice, that he dares not come to his prefence and ordinances ; but is n, ;iaser vp to the " ilauery of Sataan,and to his owne ?refs; and This is the .cmli elveffi. o !' vile afeibons. f the Soule ?. Col a