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_.------ The PraFtice of Piety. Soule in lift : now followes the . curfdne fie of the Soule and bo- dy in death. Meditations of the mirery of the body and foule in death. A Fter that the aged man bath confliaed with long fickeneffe , and hawing endured the brunt of paine , fhould now expe& force cafe : in comes. Death (Natures flaùghterman, Gods curfe, and Hels pttrueior and lookes the oldman grimme and blacke in the face : and neither pitying his age, nor re- garding his long - endured do- lours, will not be hired to for - beare either for fluer or gold t nay, he will not take, to (pare his life, sin fir shin, and all that the old man hath : but batters all the, principal) parts of his body, and arrefts him to ap- peare before the terrible Iudge. And as thinking that the old man