Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

-. 7 The Trallice of Piety. mien will not difpatch to goe . withhim faff enough Lord -1 how many darts of calamities -doth he (hoot thorow him,ftit- ches, aches, crampes, feauers, ob- f rutlions, rhewmer, flegnes,col- lilZe, flone,winde, &c. Oh what a gaflly fight itis, to fee-him then in his bed, when Death bath giuen him his mor- tall wound I what a cold fiveat ouer - runnes all his body ? what a trembling poifefeth all his members ? the head fhooteth, the face waxeth pale, the nofe blacke. , the nether law-bone hangeth downs, the Eye firings break; the Tongue faltreth, the Breath íhortneth, and finelleth earthly, the Throate rattleth, and at euery gafpe the Heart firings are ready to breake afunder. Now the miferable foule f )fbly perceiueth her earthly body to begin to die : foras to- wards the di f folution of thevni- uerfall frame oftbe great world, the