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Generdil direRionsfor 4 which naturally and ordinarily lurkes in the heart of every prophane man, may bee fometimes reflrained for advantage, and inpolicy ; by accident , and for by refpeds. The ffing and furze ofit may bee weakened, and leffenedby the ingenu- ordnefre oftheunregenerate man, or by other good natural! andmortall parts in the Chriflian. Nay, I doe not fee , that fometimes it maybee, as it were, quitedafht, ancon- founded by the extraordinary innocency , and heroical! 4eight offpirituall excellencies in a goodman : As Moralifis fay ofvertue, that though it bee ordinarilyattended by envie, as thebody with a fhadow , yet it may grow fo incompara- ble and glorious, that envie is glad tohide its head, and flue away like a weakemilt from the Sun fhining in his flrength. Affoone as venue, fay they, is growne out ofignorance,fhee entrethby and by into envie, till mounting aloft, as theSunne being verticall abateth all fhadowes ; fo thee in the top, and height ofperfection, all envie. Whymay it not be fo in zeale andpietie, that though it be ordinarily perfecuted withex. tremehatred ; yet fometimes it may attaine that extraordi- iiirineffe, incomparableneffe and excellency , that hatred may evenhate it felfe,for oppofing fuch unreprooveable fantiitic? But tomy purpofe : If it be fo , that a prophane man cannot poribly love a Chriflian heartily for his Chriflianity and grace, but rather maliciouily and mortallyhate him ; what heart can a Chriftian have to converfe intimately and dilight- fullywith aprophane man ? Who would ever vouchfafe his company, and afford thebell of his time, and dearth of his affections, to a fellow, whichdifdaines and difpifes the moll precious Iewell bee beares about him, I meane his religious Bale; andlabours powerfully, though infenfibly, to dimme the brightneffe , and diftaine the glory of it ; either by the contagionofhis notoriOufneffe, or at leaf}, by his formalitie, coldneffe, andunzealoufneire ? S. Fiftly, no Chriflian ought toenter leagueor entertains followthipwith the enemies of God. It isabfurd, that a member ofChrift thould curdle familiarity, and intimate palesoflove with a hide ofSatan. What earthly Prince could