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comfortable walking with God. 8x Iftrew," mm.1 the godly, and tenders the prefervation of his good name with goodmen; which is rather to be chofen thengreater riches, Prov. 22. r . then precious Ointment, Ecclef. 7, andmaketh the bones fat, Prov. i . 3o. which indeed is the moft inefti- mable Ievvell hee poffeffeth in this life, next untohis owne CrowneofChriftianity : I fay, as heewould tnaintaine and uphold agood opinion and conceit ofhim , in thehearts and confciences of Chriftians, let him flye the companyofpro- phane men : for there is no reafon he fhouldbe reputedGods friend, whoconverfes familiarlywith his profeft enemies. 4. Noprophane man can heartily , and directly love, and affeaa Chriftian for his zeale and fpirituall graces ; nay, na- turally and ordinarily bee difconceits and hates all holy itm. preffions , wrought upon him by Gods fanetifying Spirit : z. Partly by reafon of that everlafting unreconcileable,and implacable enmitie andantipathy betweene the feede of the woman, and the feed of the Serpent; betweene light and darkencffe ; Chrifi and Belial ; Grace and prophaneneffe : 2. Partly alto, becaufe every unregenerate man, though fur. ailedwith the belt perfcetions and excellenciesattaineable in that ftate, thinkes, that his lukewarmenefl'e, and formali- tie is cencured and condemned by the zeale and forwardneffe of the true Chriftian ; and that ifthofe gracious endowments and holy ftrianeffe bee reall, and neceffarily required, they plainely proclaime the damnableneffe ofhiseftate, whichbee fecurely repofes upon, as fufficient for falvation. David, a man after Gods owne heart, and ofa fweete and lovingdif- pofition, yet was moft heavily preft and purfued with much caufeleffe fpite,and this hatred even forhis goodnefle : They that hate me without a caul, faith he, aremore then thehaires ofmy head: they that would defiroy mee, andare mine enemies fa felt' , are mighty ; f6 that I regored that which I tooke not Pfaff. 69.4. And in another place faith bee, They that hate mee a Omais wrongfully are many : they alf. o that rewardevillforgood, are deo p:rfecuitur mine adverfitries, becaufe I follow agoodNefe. But yet under- gnctioniniceinutit von /land thisfurther in the point. The expreffionand exercife ofnus ad malaria, ;his hatred of the forwardneffe and zealc in the Chriftian,e° in Plat:. _ G which