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Comfortablewalkingwith God heavineffe and dircomfort ; yet the prefence and faces of thole, whom hereafter thou (halt meete in Heaven , and there, with incomparable joy behold for ever,, clothed and fhining with erninencie and eternitie ofglory,fhoulddifpede and difpell themall , and infiife comfortable !names of hea- venly lightfomneffe and fpirituall mirth. I know them, who being call fometimes full fore againft their wits, amongft profane company,are quite out oftheir element all the while, ftrucke dead in the place, as they fay, as folitary as in the filenteft defers. But let themcomeamongft Chriftians and theyare quite other men , as full of lightfomenefie and life, as full of heart and Heaven, as if they had the one foote in the Porch of Paradife already. Sadneffe is not feafonable, where filchprecepts as thefehave place; Be sledin the Lords andrejoyee, yee righteous , and!bout for joy, I 1ye that are up. right inheart. 2. A fruitfull heart, full as the Moone with gracious matter touphold edifying conference, and fanetifi- ed tape. Being forward and free without any hurtful! bafh- fulncffe, or vaine-glorious aime , both to communicate to o- thers the hidden treafures of heavenly knowledge, which thou haft happily digged out of the precious quarry , as it wereof the great myftery ofGrace, and alfo by mooving of queftions,andminiftringoccafion mutually to drawfrom themwith an holy greedineffe the waters ofLife, for a red- procall refrefhingand quickning of thedeadneffe andunhea- venlineffe of thine owne heart. And here it will beea pro- &able wifedome, to take noticeof, and obferve each others fingularitie of gifts, and feverall endowments, and thareaf- ter withwife infinuations toprovoke and preffe then, to powre out themfelves in ;hole things, wherein they have heft experience and molt excellencie. Some are more dex- terous and skilful! in difcuffing controverfed points : others in refolving cafes of con fcience ; tome , in difcovering the Devils depths, and treading the Maze ofhis manifold temp- tations : others, in comforting afflitted fpirits, and(peaking to the heart of mourners in Zion , &c. I am perfwaded manytimes , manyworthy difcourfes lie buried inlhebreas G 4 of