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88 Generalldireltionsfor a of underflanding men,by rcafonof the finfull filence,I thiuke I may fay fo,andbarrenneffe of thole about them. And there- fore Chriflians ought tobee more forthputting, anive, and fruitefull this way. 5. An humble heart, ready and rejoy- cing to exchange andenjoy common comforts, foule-fecrets, heavenly confultations, with the pooreft and moil neglened Chaim. If thou bee haunted with the white Devil! of ipirituall pride, it is likely thou wilt bee either too pro- digal! and ,profufe , and fo ingrofte all the talke, which is fometimes incident tonew converts or counterfeits ; or elfe too refereed and curious, and fo fay nomore thenmay ferve to breed anapplaufe and admiration of thyworth ;which is' a very filthy and fearefull fault. There is nodepthof know ledge, no height of zeale, no meafure of Grace ; but may bee further inlarged, more inflamed, bleffedly encreafed by conference with thepoor& faithfiill Chaim : See Romer, r2. and i s. 24 how Tani, that great learned and divine- ly infpired Donor of, the. Gentiles, flood affened in this point. V. But abovcall, be molt bulkwith thy heart : for it is the roote that either etnpoyfons or enfweetens all the refit : that is the fountaine, whichauks all the flreames of thy de- fires, purpofes, affenions, fpeeches, and the whole current of thy converfation, to runne either muddy or cleere. Ply therefore amongft others, thefe three points of 1peciall and precious confequencefor the prefent purpofe, with all feri- oufneffeand zeale. I. Captivation and conformity of the thoughts and ima- ginations of thy heart, to the foveraignty and'rules ofgrace. If thy change in ,words, anions, and all outward carriage: were Angelical! ; yetif thy thoughts were the fame, and un- fannified hill, thou wort Rill a lirnbe of Satan. Purity in the inwardparts, is thealoft foundand undeceivingevidence of our portion and intereft in the power and purity of Chrifts faving Paffion and fannifying blood-fhed : See Iere.4. r4. 55.7. Now, that thou mayeft the better conquer and Iceepe the thqughts of thy heart in filbjedion and obedience _ unto