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The Epifile Dedicatoiy. ro Chrift and his gainefull fervice, perhaps by the World moftdifdainfully and contemptuoufly tram- pled upon even in the duff; with the feet of cruelty and pride;at leaff molt certainly,ever madeextreme- ly vile and contemptible by the villany offtongues , 5,LaunetiZenrut and g cruellmockings yet is fuchan Oneas the Worta.co7tare .profice- u not worthy of : the meane time, in the meaning of42i:`,7,tai the holy Ghoft,h Crowne ofglory thehandofreho-fir. Itcmunxie. vah,asbeautiful! andamiable,as thebloodof Chrift fus ea, nondum and his righteous robe can make him; crowned full glorioufly with = Gods owne comelinefewhich bee hatbtituor&neerce.`17. put uponhim; defigned from all eternity in due time,,ig,ffif.;M {for fo his fandification now affures him) to weare 6:2;3: - acs everlafting Crowneof bide. And when his pil- I Ezech 1604 grimage is pfft,death is tohim theday break ofeter- nail brightneiTe. Upon his laft Bed, his bleffed foule (hall find that frefh bleeding Fountaine forfinneandzach.ioi. for uncleanneP .let wide open unto it, by the hand of Faith, ready now at its departureio razeout the laft finfull ftaine : It may confidentlY, in the Name of Chrift caff it felfe into the open armes, enlargedbo- wels, and deareft embracements of the Fatherof all mercies : It may feele theglorious pi-el-eke of the fweeteft Comfort, prefenting unto it a foretafte of Heavenly joyes : it (hall have the latt fweenie*, and triumphant truth of all the promifes of life, able to confront and confound the puma rages and very Powderplot ofall the powers ofdarkneffe,madegood unto it;a mighty guard®f bleffed AngelsIhallattencl upon it; waiting with longing and joy to beare it tri- uMphantly into the bofomeof Abraham. His body (hail goe into thegrave,as intoa chamber ofreft,and A4 bed