Bolton - HP BV4500 .B62 1634

Lib.s. S le Dedicatory_ bed of Downe,fweetly perfumed unto it, by the fa cred bodyof the Sonne of God lying in the Grave ; locked there full fail with the barres of earth , and fenced with the omnipotent Arme of God,as a rich Jewell in a Casket of gold, untill the reCurredtionof the lull. And then ' after their jOyfulleil meeting,and glorious re-vnion,.ehey fhall both be for ever filled with all tholeunmixed pleafures,bleffed iminortali- ties and crowned joyes,which the dwelling place of GoCl,thegloryof heaven, and the inexhaufled foun- taine of all bliffe, rehovah himfelfeblared for ever, can aftord. Now let the fcornfulleft oppofite to the power of godlineffe, tell me incoldblood, whether that honorablewretch; or this honeft man be more truelynoble and happy: For the fecond : Sonaturall, faith lc Hooker, is the vnionof Religion with jugice,that we may boldly deeme,there is neither, where both are not. For how /hould they be unfainedly jtafl, whom Religion doth not caufe to bekch ; or they religious, which are not foundfiich by theprobfeoftheir jufl actions:If they which imploy their labour and travaile about the publike admi- ;filtrationof jullice, follow it onely ,i/s a Trade, withun quenchable andunconfctonable thirdof gaine, beingnot inheart prfwaded that julitce is Gods owne Werke, and therrifelves his (_./i*gents in the bufinele, thefentenceof right,Godsowneverdicl,and themfelves his Priells tode- liver it ; formalities of juftice doebut ferve tofmother right, and that which wad necebrily ordainedfor the commongood, is throughfhamefull abuse, made thecaufe of commonmifery.Full well did this learnedman per- ceive,and rightly apprehend,that thepurity&pow- er of Religion alone, cloth truly honor all Honour_ s dignifie