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90 GeneraledireaioNsfor ir....a.wagsms t. ning of the booke of thy confcience , at thole two dreadful! dayes , of Death, and the Taft Iudgement , innumerable ara tries ofexorbitant thoughts,whichhave lyen in arnbufh as it were,in the fecret corners of thydeceitfhll heart, will charge upon thee with a farre heavier account then perhaps thou, art aware of, or haft, ferioufly thought upon heretofore. 3. That Gods glory muff afwell thine in thy thoughts , in the invifible workings, intentions, defires, and elevations of the heart ; as, thine outward converfation. As God exaCts and expeashonour and fervice from his Children , in. words and workes ; fo there is alfo a Thought-fet vice, a Thought- woribip, that I may fo call it, which is very pleating andpre- cious in his eyes , as fpringing more immediately from the heart, wherein heprincipally delights; and becaufe the, fe- crecie ofit isattended withmore fincerity. Remember there- fore to render with all reverence and zeale unto the Father of Spirits, and Lord of thy foule, the daily tributeof thy Thought-fervice, as well as the Tongue-fervice and Hand- fervice. And the rather and more plentifully t . Becaufe opportunities, abilities, and meanes may faile for outward performances, but the heart is ever at leifure and libertie to thinke nobly. No times, no tyrants, no wants or reftraint, can hinderit from an invifible fruitionof Gods ovine Selfe, with thoughts offweetea rapture and reverence,of love,and lowlieft adoration ; from bathing it felfe in the meritorious Blood of the Immaculate Lambe, with thoughts of inex- plicable peace, joy, and triumph ; from cleaving to thepra- t-mks of life, and diving into the Myflerie of Grace with extraordinary deareneffe,pureft delight, and victorious faith; from being as a mountains of Myrrh and Incenfe , fending up a fpirituall Sacrifice of praifefull thoughts , infinitely ad- miring and magnifying the glory and goodneffe of that merciful! Hand , which writ thy name with the golden Cha- raCters of his endleffe love, in the Booke of Life from all be- ginnings ; fuffered the dearea and warmeff Blood in His Sonnes Heartrobe fpilt as water upon the ground , for the wallingof thy body and foule from finite; and after a fpan of