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comfortablewalkingwith God. of time, will fetaCrowne of Eternity upon thy head, coin. poled all of comfort, ref!, and peace, joyes,pleaCures, and fe- licities, etc. And altobecaufe, befides Gods more Ipeciall ac- ceptation, andmorecertaine fincerity of this inward inyifible fervice ; it is ordinarily full of more fpiritualneffe, intention, and life, by reafon that it is,neerefl and moll immediate to the object of Adoration. The bell man, though bee may labour todoe his befi every way, yet bee fhall finde a difference and degrees in his ability to difcharge, and the executions of his Duties, Devotions', and fervices towards God. His workes doe not ever anfwer with that exacineffe to his words: His words cannot expreffe fo to the life,the thoughts of his heart : ,The thoughts of his heart come infinitly fhort of the excellency of God. Thole flrearnes whichart next to the well-head, are flrongefl and pureil : The thoughts of a fanaified heart, laying hold upon, with immediate -appre . herifion and neereff imbracements, that molt amiable, holy, and glorious Objet, God himfelfe, bleffed for ever, and his fweeteft Attributes, give Him His dueand reverent Attribu- tions, with more heartineffe, life, and heavenlineffe, then his words or Adionsare woont ; though all a mans heft and ut- mon, in thought, word, and deed, His too fearefully (bort of that which weowe and ought to doe. 2. A continual! excubation and narrow watchful! guard over thy heart. It is like a City, lyable every moment both to inward commotion and outward affault. The fountain° of Original! impurity, though it tnayne flreame and btoo . dy iffue bee flayed, and in Tome good meafure flopt, by the fandifying power of Chrifts lavingblood : yet it doth Ieffe or morebubble up rebellioufly. The world doth labour continually with her three great battering Engines, of Plea- lures, Riches, and Honours, to lay it wafts, and rob it of' all heavenly treafures. The Devil! watches every opportunity to hurle in his fiery darts, to call all into combuftion, and thereby further to cnvenome and image the already to much impoyfoned vicioufneffe, and impetuoufneire of our corrupt nature. Precious therefore, andworthyall praaire