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94 Gexerall direelionsfor .1.111 thereof, Ihould bee both a precious corrofive to eats out the heart of corruption , and a tpeciall prefervative to keepe from finne ; fith finne was the principaR in (taught:7ring the Lordof life. 3. To cart the eye of hope upon the glory, everlaftingneffe, and unutterable excellencies of that im- mortal' fhiningCrowne above; which after this life ( and this life is but a bubble, a fmoake, a fhadow, a thought) (half be let upon thy head by the handofGod : a very glimpfe of the goodly fplendour and ravifhingbeauty whereof, is able both to fweeten the bitter& villanies and baleff wrongs from the world and wicked men ; and to difpell thole miffs offading vanities and hurtful' fumes (4' honours, riches and earthly pleafures, which this great dung-hillofthe World, heated by the fire of inordinate lulls, is woont to evaporate and interpofebetwixt the fight of mens foules and the bliffe ofHeaven. V I. Bee very watchful' over thy moft predominant and troubiefome paffion ; whether it bee feare, farrow, love, an- ger, &c. All ofthem are unrtilely and raging enough, but yet commonly one over-rbles all the reft , and playes Rex ( as they fay) in theunregenerateman ; nay , too often offers to rife in rebellion even againft the moil faalified Conic. Whatfoever it be, 1.1n thy private morning facrifice, bee Pure to lay on loade of deepeft groanesand ftrongefl cryes for mortifying grace againft it, and comfortable conqueft over it. Let that period and pafrage of thy prayers bee enfor- ced and enlarged with an extraordinarie pang of fervencie, and feelingly foaled, as it were, with the molt Seraphical' Mak. 2. Cut off all occafions , whatfoever it colt thee, which may any wayes 'Erre, awakenand kindle it. With. draw the fewell that miniilers foode unto that paffionate flame, though it ihould bee as painefull unto thee , as the pluckingout ofthe right eye , or the cuttingoff of thy right hand. Affuredly, the pleafuresof inwardquiet, and f weete fpirituall calmneffc of thy fo undiftemperedSoule, will infi- nitely recompence any paines in oppofitions and refinance in that nature. 3. Confider feriougy beforehand, what a dale