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comforteiblewillkimgwith God. 93 1..0., lam 01.A and crufh every exorbitant thought, whichdrawes to finne at the very firft a riling. Encounter it with this dreadful! Di- a Eft =tern tuff lemma : Sayunto thy felfe ; If I commit this finne , it will kneratanim: tzt colt mee unvaluably more heart-breakeand fpirituall (mart, ii5IfemaePeraPam' before can purchafeaffurance of pardon and peace of con- 'cileltre cog:ta fcience,thenthe fenfuall pleafure is worth : If I never repent, tiTe: atiT nl m it will be the death and damnation of my foule. See what a rInn:elprobare, world of miteryman brings upon himfelfe , bygivingway drgtIrevt to the firil wicked thought, Difc. oftrae happinefe, so. vet bonas cog'Ita- vela, 3. Entertaine ever with all holygreedineffe,and make excee. Jingly much of all good motions put into thy heart by the hulas. tjallnuE- bleffed Spirit howioever occafioned , whether by the Mi- 1142* niftery of the Word, mindefulneff2 of death , Chriftian ad- monition, reading fome goodBooke , Come fpeciall croffe, extraordinary mercy, any way, at any time. Feede, enlarge, and improove them to theutrnoft, with Meditation, Prayer,. and Praaife. So thou (halt preferve thine heart in a loft holy comfortable temper andheaven-ward , which is a fingular, happine (fee 3. Elevation, and often lifting up of theheart towards heaven. What Chrillian heart can endure todifcontinue its fweet familiaritie and humble entercourfe with God for one day ? Let thy broken heart thereforeevery day, befides folemne and ordinary ejaculations, Evening and Morning,. and upon other fpeciall occafions, be Pure. I. To bathe it felfe delicioufly in the bliffefull depths of Gods boundleffe mercies in Chit}, that it may bee happily kept fpiritually merry , thankefull , and in heart, to all holy duties. z. To kiffe fweetly the glorified Bodyof our crucified Lord, with the lips of infinitely dearth , and unexpreffably affe6tionate love; though the diftance be great, yet the handof Faith will bring them eafily together ; that it may be preferved. in peace, puritie, and revengefull oppofition unto finne ;. for as the application of his. meritorious Blood is a foveraigne Plaifter toheale the wounded confcience , to tame Crimfin and Scarlet into fnow and wool!; fo me-thinkesa ferious and companionate commemoration of the deare effinfion thereof;