Bolton - HP BV4500 .B62 1634

ipi 6g Genera 11 direaions for a ....,..... which fprings from tha curled root of Selfe-ignorance , and quite puts out that light of Natures law in our conlciences Doe as thou reottedfl bedone by. Ifbefore thou loofe therefines to that [port phrenfie,thou wouldeft fuppofe and let thyfen in theplace of the party , with whom thou art angry ; and then fay and doe no more then if thineowne perfon were thepatient, it would bea notable means tocurbe thy choler, and keepe the credit of dipaffionateneffe and moderation, and make thee patiently fuller that which perhaps thouhaft often confidently offered to others. 3. An overtenderneffe and delicate niceneffe in bearing wrongs: an impetuous impatiencie for being abufeel:( VVher- ',Amalfi virtues as infenfibilitie and contempt would better become a great rentirc to (kirit an effeminate facilitie to be mooved and toucht ale percutrum. .r with every trifle. A fpot or wrinkle upon their garment, a difh mif-placed upon their table, fomeerror in their dreffing; a Bird, a Dogge, a aerie, &c. or fome idler toy will turne fome kinde of people quite out of tune, and put them out oftheir humour, into a pelting chafe , as they fay. Great mindes and viaorious over this furious Arch-Rebell , are not moved but with great matters. It is a fpeciall point of manly wifedome , to paffe by many petty provocations to wrath,without noticeor, acknowledgement,without wound orpaffton _; and todigeft many times thebrawlings and indif- cretions of_hafty men, with the fame patience that Surgeons doe the injuries andblowes ofmad men, when they let them blood. 4. Credulity, lightneffe in beleeving whatfoever comes firft to the care : That is the high way to hold choller fill( in coin- buftion. For fo the tonguesofSlancierers,Tale-bearers, Whit- perers,Pick-thanks, will proove as fo many BelloI,VCSblowne by the Devill himfelfe , to keepe this fire in height and ful- neffe offlame. 5. Curiofitie, an itching 'humour, and needeleffe inquiff- tiveneire to know every thing that is done or laid. Ifa man will needs be Co meddling, bee (hall finde matter inough to fill his gall. Some men, out of this humour, are eager to know