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- comfortablewalking with God. knowwhat is laid lgainft them , in filch and fuch company, Wien to hare what their fervants talke concerning them, and if a letter fall into their hands wherein they thinke themfelves to bee mentioned, they will make no bones, againft the lawes of hutnanitie , to breake it open. Bufie- bodies in this kindenever want wrath and woe. erintigenta, as it is Paid of him , was wife to abandon this vanitie. For when he hekd two of his fubiefts fpeaking ill ofhim in the night neere his Tent, willed them togoe further off; lei} the King fhould heare them. 6. Covetoufneffe, the Cutathroate of Grace, andcanker of the foule, like an eating infatiable Woolfe , will either fill feede upon gaine , or elfe gnawupon the heart with fret® tinge and therefore thevery loffeof a penny, fometimes themillion of a goodbargaine,the mifcarriage of forcedo- mefticall trifle, the death of a beat, &c. will prefently puta covetous man into choler : for his eyes are fo earthly , that they looke onelyupon the fecondary, nat upon the fupreme caufe. 7. A conceit ofbeing contemned by others in wordked, countenance. Many are foweake this way, that if they fpie but any fecret fmiling, two whifpering together in the com- pany, or any talking, efpecially with their eyesnow and then cat} towards them ; they prefently thinke, that themfelves certainely are theaime , and object of their fcornefull ob- fervation ; and fo grow fowre, out of tune, and unfit for company all the while after. Such as thefe arc extremely troubled, and take on to themfelves, if they have not the chiefeplace, and upper hand at meetings, refpeet and refaln- ration from thole that they falute,exaaobfervance,and obei- fance from their inferiours,the wall from all commers,ifthey benot begun unto in mattersof complement andCervices of humanitie, &c. A riddance"and reftraint of thefe and the likemaladies of the minde , will be a notable meanes to prevent and hinder the affaults and furprizall of this furious and foule fiend. z. But if at any time thou feele this Viper toreceive heare H in 97