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comfortablewalkingwithGod. 107 laUNIMMEININ man doth 1hrug together for horrour, quake like an Afpen leafe, and dye all the while, when this feare doth reprefent unto it in the glaffe of his imagination, the gricfly formes and ()ugly faceofdeath,with thole other drodfull circumflances, as the wailings and out-cries of wife, children and friends ao- bout his hit bed, parting from all worldly pleafures for ever, i rotting n thegrave, the Tribunall and terror of the fail Day, &c Befides thefe imaginary fufferings,and untimely forrowes, take notice ofthree other bafe peadent effeas andmil-chief-es, which this naturall , flavifh, difiruftfull feare., (for that I onely meane in the whole point) puts upon a man. i. It may bring uponhim the thing which he feares : by fearing tobecome thiferable, hee may become that bee feares, and fo turne his vaine feare into certaine rniferies ; according to that of Salomon, Proverbs io. 24. That which the wicked feareth, 'ball come upon him. And that of Ifai. 66 4. I 'will bring their'feares upon them. Thou haft a wife, a child; an outward flare, an bye place, which thou art immoderately afraid to booth ; now this very diftruflfull feare derogating from the gloryofGods, mercifull providence,which itveetly and wifely difpofeth all things, may juttly provoke him to deprive theeof thenv,vhereas otherwife,thoumighrfl have enjoyed themRill. 1. It robsandbereaves thee of the kindly rellifh, and comfortable enjoyment CVerl of goothhings. Ulan can take no delight in the fruition of that good, which hee feareth to loofe. Life it felfe is loathCome, if a man fia- o_uotidie 111, r itur vifhly feare to dye. That good breeds the trueft prefent con- snort" qui affi° tentment, againfl the Joffe whereof we are alwayes prepa-, due pant. red. And therefore tholewho live in continuall fore to loofe their child, goods', liberty, life, or any other thing that is deare unto them, loofe a great dealeof that honeil joy and Del4t.28. 47- allowed pleafure they might have, even in thefe outward things. 3. It dejeets and debates his noble nature, below themiferies and bafent fie of beafis in this point : for they are fenced from this follyand vanity, by thebenefit of their weakeneffe, and want of reafon; never reaffiiding them-, felvea