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I o6 Genera&dire ionsfor a of .Feare, like fo many fleeping Lyons, andcowardlily pro- yoke themwith timorous,expeaation to rent their hearts, and fling terribly before the time. Thus our vaine minder torment us more with the feare of evils, then with the evils which we feare ; fpurre us onwith muchunmanly folly, to meete in the mid-way ; nay, to overtake, out-run forrowes to come, and make usa thoufand times miferable with one individual' mifery. For inflance : Thou haft a child, and, perhaps, but one which thou loveft moft dearely ; for that alfaction which wouldbe feverally ftrong towards ten, or howmany foever, is united in it alone. Thou enjoyeft a wife, whole death wouldbee unto thee, as the folk of halfe thy heart ; and fo proportionably of any worldly comfort. Now certaine it is, thou muff at length part from all thefe, or whatelfefoever molt deare and defireable things in this life, they muff bee taken from thee,or thou from them. In this cafe thcn,if thou give way and forthunto this faint-hearted tyrant, and ma- licious paffion, it will wound thine heart many and many a time with fence of their loft.; before thou loofe them : and mingleamidlt thy dearefi and moll doting apprehenfions of their fweetneffe and worth, many bitter thoughts of theday of divorce, and Rings of much worldly griefe (for fuch only Imeane) from a torturing preconceit ofpainful' heart-breake at parting. But the molt tormenting racke in this kinde, upon which this tyrannical' paffion cloth much terrific and teare the heartsof carnal' men fp, cially, is death : It is called, the Princeof terror, by reafon of its owne extreme inevita- ble pangs; and to them alfo it is a certaine paffage to tor- ments without end, and part imagination and therefore if their confciences '-ice not defperately feared, and fealed up securelywith the fpirit of(lumber againft theday of venge- ance; they are woonttodye almoft every day, by a flaviih feareof death : fee Heb.2.15. 0 death, faith the vinfi man,how bitter is the remembrance of thee, to a man that liveth at refs in hidpoffSions, two the manthat bathnothing to vexe him, and that hadlroffrerit) limathings 1 Oh how the heart of fucha man