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I I 0 a Mr fip Wpiimer,ir de- rived , asap! TO prpiir rby yVv, It ie fo pill of avex- ingTnee, that Vir_ sit is faint to or- preffi Homers M91,14140 a word011ie raw0, riginal fignific rim in two verres. AN; animti nunc hue celerem,nunc dividit illuc In parrecque ra- pitvarias, perque omnnaverfat. Gelerall direaions for a fortahle occurrents , by filch needleffe, fenceleffe fruitleffe .difira6tions, vagaries ofvanity, and Vtopianpereginations ? As either 1. To bole them in the endieffe maze ofimagina. ry afflia ions : 2. Or to wafte them byuntimely wraftling with certaine evils to come : 3. Or wound themwith a painefull remembrance of forrowes already pail. Forfom.e there are fo over. geedie of grieving themfelves , and tranf,. ported with tyrannicall vanitie of their owne mindes, that befides their trouble with prefent,fained, and future miseries, colleet aliomatter ofmournefulneffc from time pail. For in- fiance : Thou haft loft thy &mil child, which is one of the extretneft earthlycroffes, and goes neereft the heart, but long fo that if reafons from Reafon and Religion affwaged not the immoderation and exceffe of thy forrow ; yet time bath worne out , and wiped away thy teares, and made thee weary of weeping : but notwithftanding, thy vaine minde will not fuff.wr that griefe , which even length of time path buried long agoe, to lie .quietly in the grave , but drawes into confederation, and remembers for the nonce , its fpee- . ches, favour, pretty behaviour, and other lovely dream flan- ces , to make thy heart bleed afrefh , and wring from thine eyes new torrents ofteares, &c. Soveraigne therefore againft thefe Harpies and devourers of the heart, is that counfell of Chrift, which I have commended unto you fromhis owne mouth; feconded alto by the Apoftle, Philippians 4 6 .Bee a carefullfor. nothing: That is, with tearingand torturing the heart , with caking, thoughtfulnefle, anxiety, fretting, itn. patiency. Doe not wafte and weaken thy tninde immode- rately, unfeafonably, imaginarily,untimelily, withdiftruft- full anguifh, penfivenefle, andbare proflitution attic flower and finew of thine immortall fpirit, to fruitleffe and endleffe impertinencies and mif-imployments. For by theWay , wee malt takenotice and acknowledge, notwithftanding what bath beene Paid againft carking , and other needleffe diftra- &ions and exorbitancies of vaine minds ; that a moderate, Chriftian, provident care and fore-caft, is both conveni- ent , and commanded ; both forprorifion of things necef- fary,