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comfortable walkingwith God. 13 - ' ' imarrovemosestmiONONI....* By reafon of that general' and common fellowfhip,wher of I gavea tafie and touch before, (of his arbitraryand intl. Mate company, every Chriftian makes confcience of better choyce) which thou mull fometimes entertaine and exercife with the menof this world, except thou wilt goe outof the World ; thou (halt meete now and then upon unavoydable neceffity, and by the exigency of thy calling, with men of intolerable converfation, and very fcandalous difcourfe ; and at unawares, andunwillingly fall amongft filch companions, as will fweare, blafpheme Gods Name, talke filthily, flan- der the Miniftery , raile againft good men.; betides many other fcurrill, bale, and prophane fpeeches ; much froth and folly in this kinde. Now in this cafe ordinarily, prophane men meddle not. They hold it a point of precifeneffe to marre the mirth, and caft the company into dumpes of me- lancholy, by calling finne into queftion. They love not (as they fay in their hearts) to bee difpleafing and unplanfible, where themfelves gaine nothing, and perhaps doe no good to the party. They are comm®rly old-excellent in ra) g upon, and flandering a good man in his abfenct, ; but they are darke-naught , and no-body in reprooving a notorious wretch untohis face. If they open their mouth this way, it is commonly in jeft, and bravery, in forme, in derifion,' for fome Ones fake in the company, who, they know, cninot endure it; or at bell, out of a civill deteftationof ourragious villany,and furiousbialphemies of Gods glorious Nanne.But fuch cafes, the Chriftian is truly folicitous and zealous ; very much troubled, and careful' how to frameand hold a ferious, wire, and feafonable contradietion to the lane guage of hell, which confifteth oathes, lying, flandeting, in obfcenities, raylings , contemptuous infolencies againft the Miniftery and wayes of God, defence of Popery, and in filch rotten and Bedlam talker_ Hee dares not many rimes in Inch company, for his heart hold his peace, left there- by bee bee guilty in fome degree. a. Of theparties going on in finne. 2. Of betraying Gods glory , by a cowardly and unchristian filenq : and 3. For, feare of wounding his owne