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ix+ Generale direelions for a owne confcience.The omiffionofthe difchargeof this duty,, will fometimes very muchvexe the confcience,ancl grieve the heart of the true hearted Profetfour ; when he is departed theplace, and confiders that by his bafeneffe., and frailty hee hath failed in fo holy a duty, and beetle faint-hearted in the cattle of God., For thiskinde ofreprooving then, and fuck cenfuring, of the words and workes of darkened.; the Chriftian is not to beecultured toocenforious and precife, Confcience, chari. ty, andGods commandement calles and cryesupon him for the performance of this needful! duty ; whenfoever voydable neceffity, or the exigency of a warrantable calling ihall havecall him upon prophane wretches, and impriib. tied him for the whilt arnongd fellovves of lewd difcourfc, and graceleffe carriage. Except they bee Dogs, or Swine Chrift himfelfe bath commanded , that Parks and holy things (ball not bee call away upon filch. Giveyee not, faith lice, that which ii holyunto `begs, neither cafi yeyawPear/es before Swine, (...Matthew 6., See alfo 'Proverbs 9..8. and 9.: Theground of thisCommandememof aria, I take to, be two. fold 1. A dean, compaffionate, and tender-hearted care of God, evenover the temporal' lives of his children. Betides the glorious Miniflery, and continuall guardof the bleffed ptin.9 2. Angels for their prefervation, that they hurt not their Foote againfl a done; his owne alto All.feeing andAll-pitying Eye,. doth 'ever graciouily watch over them, to .keepe them as dearely as the Appleof hisowne Eye ; and therefore he for- bids them to call themfelves defperately into the mouth of a barking Dogge, or upon the paw of a revengefull and blood-third), Lyon : that is, he would not have his child to vouchfafe fo much as areproofe to any blafphetnous wretch, or defperate Swaggerer, that,wouldfurioufly flye in his face for offering him>a Pearle. a.. An holy jealoufie over the glory- and Majetly of his owne bleffedWord. It is that holy Wifedome, which iffned finale-