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comfertable walkingwith God. I2 pno.0 4 mineering of prophaneneffe, and out-fwaggering rage of Sa- tans Revellers. Fourthly, in refpeet of God Himfelfe : I. That'though the dayes wherein we live, bee firangely prophane , and delperately naught ; and this old age of the world is pefired with all the pollutions, andabominations, which the courfe and current of all former ages have convei- ed and 'carryed into it;though iniquitie mightilyabound with much tyranny and triumph , and fearefully prevaile in all pla- ces ; yet I fay, that it may appeare , that God bath fume to fpeake for Him. That though Satan, more is the pittie, bath innumerable fuvarmes of knights of the Puff , as they fay, that are ready at a becke to doe him any delperate fervice ; yet, notes ithftai diiig here and thereGod bath a Champion, who feareleffe of the fare of man , dare with anundaunted and holy refolution, defend His wayes, and nand on His fide. 2, Bur above all, let that flria charge fromGods owne mouth,(aLevit 19:17. ThemJhalt not hate thy brother in thine heart : thou 'halt an) rNife rebuke thy neighbour, send Inot fufr finneupon him :) fright and fire every oneof us out of our finnefull filerice and cowardlineffe thisvay, and keene us with refolut ion and forwardneffe, to a feafonable difcharge of this holy duty. Take noticeof a three-foldduty, which lyes upon every Chriftian in his carriage towards men in their pretence, and before their faces : I . Chriftian admonition : 2 -Chriflian reproofe : 3. Chriftian filence , and forbearance in filch cafes. . If a brotherbee overtaken with a fault, or fame Idle offence, we are to admonith him in the fpirit of mcekeneffe, b 9446. I . 2. If het offend more grievoufly, wee are freely to -re- proove him ; and not to fuller finne to ref} upon him, Levit . I 9 7. 3. If bee be a fonne of Bead, a fcoffing .7Amiel, a dog, or a fwine ; wee arecommanded by Chriit to fay nothing oyoutg a Tertul. hunt low accipic de c cum re ag p n Ira.. - terni, Iudeis hie prmcepta. Lfb, cont. Marcien. ;v. 35 b Non a,,ait,ibi de irriforibns cum lis cluriter nem. dual, feel deira.,;-,, tribus, Mail. in Sorb