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. V.,========.1 1. General! dirdlionsfor i and refolve the hearts of Gods children into companion and commiferation in fuch cafes: and which they ufe to expreffe, and exercife even towards the lewdcft wretches, and fuch as have nopitty upon the fpirituall miferies of their own poore and wofull fotiles. See i Sam. 15. 35. and 16. i. Ierm. 9. r. Nit. 3. 18,19. 2 Con I 2. 21. Dike 19. 41,42, &c. It was the dogged, and damned voyce of cruell and curled Cain, to fay, Am I my brothers keeper ? But every true and tender- hearted Chriflian doth grieve to fee fo many of his brethren 'fficke fait in the clutches of that roaring Lyon, and betweene the teethof that Red Dragon ; and therefore labours by all meanes he can' to refcue them ; to fee fo many about him tonneas fait and furiously as they can, todrowse themfelves in the pit of endleffe perdition ; and therefore as occanon raves, calles and cryes unto them to flay their courfe , before the hellifh Golfe of confulion and horrour bath Phut her mouth upon them. Thirdly, in refpec4 of thole which beprefent : 1. By thy fpeaking in filch a cafe, thou mayeil lay, as it were, the fpirit ofprophaneneffe for that time; fo that it doe not rage,and overrule in the reft,as otherwife it would. For weemay fometimes obferve , that a feafonable reproofe Pinghorn a man ofundernanding with refolution and an- thoritie , upon a fellow that In behaves himielfe . as though fwearing were his profEton , and traducing the Saints, his Trade, doth fo quell and confound the fuvaggeringhumour of the reft of the fame crue in the company , that they are quiteput out of their humour , as they fay , perhaps hang downe their heads all the while, and thinke in their hearts, if ante they getout, they will come nomore amongfl fuch pre. tile 'fellowes which cannot abide anoath ; or where they cannot have thdr fling and force in their prophanevivaniea andcurled revelling; 2. Thou triayeft hereby hold in the weake , thattheybee not feandalized. 3. Thoumayeft hold up the hearts of ftronger Christi- . that they benot grieved andaft downe with thedo- mineeriva