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The pifile Dedicatorie. height ofyour excellent. Vnderftanding to a further, and more full comprehenfion of the cm)).flerie of Chrift which though it bee a Sealed Eooke to the fharpeft fight of the molt piercing humane wife- dome ; yet reveales to every truely humble, fpiri- tuall eye, the rich and Royal' treafures ofall true fweetnefle, contentment and peace.That you would hold it your greateft honour and happinefle , as it is indeed; to grow ail! in fruitfulneife a ineverygood t,1°01 112"; Werke in "fervency of#irit, incpuritie , in d Hea- c roh.3.;. venly-mind'ednefe,ine precife rvalking,&c. with fingu- lar watchfulneire, and the more punetuall , and fre- cEphei.s,15. quent fearch and perufall of your fpirituall flare ; both becaufe the depths anddelufions of Satan are molt intricate and infinite ; and becaufe Not many no:, ble, 1. Cora 1.1 5. That ye would holdon in that valiantnejfefor the Truth,andall good caufes 3 which ordinarily gathers vigour and puiflance proportio- nably to the fvvelling furie ofall adverfarie, either mortal! or infernal! powers : Ever patiently palling by with generous magnanimitie, and brave con- tempt, all the vile ray lings and contradiCtions off tob.30 8,9, Satans Revellers , and Popifh infolencie ( For691:25.15'164c vainely to affed the acclamations, and applaufe ofhn quaVeganita. worthleffe men : or to bee dejected unmanlily with aum,quird fi quis ie,;(cuNtnobilicbousvead their unjuft accufations and anger; are both equal- cceperit converts 1y ignoble, and molt unworthie a man of Honour, honorem tabs amittit : ant- quantus in Chriftiano populo honor Chrifti eft,vbi religio ignobilem;;-aciti Statim enim ut quis meteor effetentaverit, deterioris abieaione calcatur, ac per hoc omnes opodammodo xnali effecoguntur, ne viles habeantur.Ira feculurn totum iniquitatibus plenum eft, ut aut mall fint,qui Cunt in illo,aut qui bo- ni runt, multorum perfecutione crucientur Si honoratior quifpiam religions fe applicuerit,illicO ho- noratus etredefiftit-Si fuerit fpendidiffimus,ficviliiimns, Si fuerit totus honoris, fit totus injuriz bonus eft quifpiam, quafi mains fpernitur : Si eft rnalus, quali bonus honoratur. iraquc mirum, fi deteriora quotidie patimur, qui dettriores epotidik fumus Salvianee, De yen) ludicio peel uidentiaDei. Lib. pag. 1:8,129. and